The name MUKISA comes from the biggest local spoken language in Uganda - LUGANDA - and means "chance". We have chosen this name as we want to give few kids in Uganda the chance to visit a good school and giving them a better chance in the future to find a great job or going to University.


Who we are

We are a private, non governmental, non profit organization, who has decided to improve the life conditions of few kids in that way, that we give them the possibility to go to a good Ugandan school and to have a better chance to learn a job in their future.

What we do

We give kids from Uganda the possibility to have a adequate school education to smoothen their way in a successful own future and to change their life dramatically.

We really love what we do

How you could support us?

Please support us in giving our kids the chance to go to a Secondary school. Please have a look into our page "How you could support us?".

If you have any questions, comments or you would like to support us, do not hesitate to contact us via email under or open our "contact" side.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our team

The Board of MUKISA

Katrin Kühhirt, German, Pharmacist


Katrin has lived and worked the whole year 2013 in the Swiss NGO "Kids of Africa". During her work she had the chance to know many kids living in the community around who have no possibility to go to a school. Katrin has started this iniative during her stay in Uganda as well as after she returned back to Switzerland by founding our association. She knows the kids we support very well and continues to travel to Uganda in regular time frames to evaluate the situation there as well as to assess the development of the kids in a longterm approach .

Christel Fulhaber, French, Head of Laboratory


Christel is a closed friend to Katrin and has visited her in Uganda in 2013 while Katrin was living there. During her stay she had the chance to meet the kids and see the Ugandan life circumstances. She is confident about this project and supports the project to help our kids getting a great chance to have a good education and future in their lifes.

Myriam Hofer, Swiss, Business economist


Myriam is a closed friend to Katrin and followed her work in Uganda regularly. She is excited about this project and as a mother of a boy going to school the future of our kids with the possibility to have a great education and future is a heartfelt wish of her.

Active members

Anneliese Kühhirt, German

Anneliese is the mother of Katrin and supports activelly MUKISA with donating her selfmade paintings and arts for selling it to interested people. With a great passion she paints pictures in different styles, images and techniques in her free time. The revenue of the sale of this pictures goes to 100 % into our organzation and finally to the full support of our kids. We would be more than happy if one or the other drawing receives a nice place in a nice home.  

Jason Edwards, British


Jason has worked as volunteer more than 2 years in Kids of Africa and has meet Katrin during her stay there. He is a friend of Katrin, lives currently in Uganda and also supports some kids in Uganda in going to a Secondary School. He knows our kids very well. Jason and Katrin are working closely together and are in regular contact. We are glad to have Jason as a consultant and active member within our team. Our kid Jimmy is part of a shared project, that means Jimmy is supported by Jason as well as by MUKISA for attending a Secondary school.


Honorary members

With a total donation of 500 CHF for our organization you are counting for us as a honorary member. With your agreement we will publish your name in the future here. 

  • Dr. Daniel Streich, Switzerland
  • Dr. Gloriana Reginato, Switzerland
  • Dr. Daniel Grogg, Switzerland
  • Dr. Pius Waldmeier, Switzerland
  • Eliane Zimmermann, Switzerland
  • Susanne Keller, Switzerland
  • Dr. Solveig Rabe, Switzerland
  • Dr. Christoph Tausch, Switzerland
  • Andreas Grossen, Switzerland
  • Family Nydegger, Switzerland
  • Family Zimmermann/Fritschi, Switzerland


We are confident , that our commitment for the kids personally chosen by us is more than worth to follow as we give these kids a great chance for a better future. These kids have such a good possibility with our help where they have never dreamed of. The chance to go to a school and getting a great job later is not given to most of the kids in Uganda where a family lives on a daily income of approximately 1.25 CHF per day.